Annual Events

AWC Civil-Military Relations Conference

Each spring, the SAIS Merrill Center at Johns Hopkins University and the Duke University Program in American Grand Strategy, in collaboration with the AWC, host a conference on Civil-Military Relations.

The conference aims to link past, current, and future civilian and military leaders to discuss challenges and concepts for building sustainable trust in American civil-military relations.  The panels and discussions seek to establish a common understanding of what this trust looks like in American civil-military relations; develop and foster relationships between past, current, and future civilian and military leaders; and highlight the voices of students.

Past themes include:

  • The American Public and Its Military
  • Politicization of the Military
  • Civil-Military Relations at the Senior Level
  • A New Dimension in Civil-Military Relations: Military, Civilian Government, and the Private Sector in Cyberspace
  • Who Commands and who serves?

AWC Policy Workshop

The AWC hosts an annual 2-day policy workshop to tackle issues related to American internationalism. Its aim is to bring together the best “thinkers” from both academia and policy in a venue free of distractions for serious, off-the-record discussions.  

Past themes have included:

  • Geopolitics of the pandemic
  • Climate change governance 
  • Technology’s impact on international governance
  • US foreign policy in a post-Trump era

In coordination with the workshop, the AWC commissions short papers for discussion.  A library of past papers can be accessed here.

AWC Paper Competition

Each year the AWC will select articles and papers that further the Consortium goals of contributing to wiser policymaking and improving the public debate by working to build a better-informed, attentive public.