Who We Are


Our mission is to better prepare the next generation to confront geopolitical challenges and advance American national interests and values abroad.

Launched in 2018

In 2018, a team of scholar-practitioners from Duke University, Johns Hopkins University, and University of Texas-Austin launched a new consortium designed to better prepare the next generation to confront geopolitical challenges and advance American national interests abroad.

Wiser policymaking

The AWC aims to improve public debate by building a better trained cadre and professional expert pipeline.

We Prepare the Next Generation by


Promoting Original Research

Incubating and promoting original research in political science, history, and law that deepens our understanding of America’s national interest and America’s role in confronting geopolitical challenges.


Cultivating Respect for Diversity

Cultivating a respect for intellectual diversity on these topics in the academy, today and in the future through the next generation of scholars.


Providing Experience

Exposing future practitioners at the masters and undergraduate level to the best scholarship and pedagogy, cultivating in them an empathy for policymakers who made the tough choices that guided American foreign policy since World War II and sharpening their toolkit to make their own contributions in the near and mid-future.

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AWC Core Pillars

​Convening Scholars

A space that offers rising academics the ability to think through their research and ask new questions and wherein junior and senior experts may discuss openly a world order shaped and maintained by the United States.

Policy-Relevant Research

Incentivize rising academics to concentrate on multidisciplinary, policy-relevant research, thereby building on the productive “bridging the gap” initiatives that have been a recent priority among some foundations.

A Community of Experts

Building a professional network of scholars and a pipeline of practitioners - current, former, and future - committed to a broad understanding of America’s role in the world and a healthy marketplace of ideas.

Preparing Students

Better preparing undergraduate and professional master’s students to compete effectively for careers of influence and to defend a vibrant marketplace of ideas.

Diverse Expertise

Enhancing demographic and partisan diversity into expert representation in the public conversation.

Building a Pipeline

Over time, increasing the representation of scholars moving into and out of government.