Restraint and National Security

University of Texas at Austin

The conference explored the intent, the causes, and the consequences of restraint in foreign engagement in the course of American history.  Supported by both political parties, worldwide engagement has characterized American foreign policy for many decades. Debate has most often revolved around the nature and details of engagement strategies. But the presidency of Donald Trump …

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Reflections on Civil-Military Relations: Crises, Comparisons, and Paradoxes


Watch the 2020 conference here.  Listen to the  featured podcast here.  The conference facilitated an organic and respectful dialogue on military service, the military experience, and the civil-military divide. The conference objectives: Educate the audience on the history of civil-military relations, particularly the legacies of leadership, cultural change, and policy shifts during wartime;  Present various …

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2020 Policy Conference Overview

In June 2020, the Consortium convened a group of some of the best “thinkers” from academia and policy for its first event, a policy workshop that tackled issues of American internationalism through a series of four papers. The group also welcomed keynote speakers, Wyndee Parker (a Duke alumna), who is the National Security Advisor to …

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